About Marcella & Rick Silva

First and foremost, we believe in living life to it’s fullest! We LOVE traveling, contributing to our community, sharing experiences with family and our investors. We love the life that we’ve been able to build!

We are on track to retire whenever we want and live the life of our dreams because we found the world of land banking back in 2011. We have invested in over 20 properties ourselves and only share investments that WE would consider doing ourselves. Our investors are our family. We work with you to find the best investments for YOU too when you decide to learn more. If you want to transform your life, wealth, and family forever, let us show you how! 

Why Work With Us?

  • The company we represent – doing it since 1979 – 30-year track record of success

  • 0 consumer-related lawsuits

  • The biggest risk in land is not what you see, it’s what you don’t see

  • Specially selected areas

  • Established relationships with key authorities

  • First-hand information

  • Experts in the industry

  • On-going support after purchase

  • Conservative company

Our Formal Bios

Marcella Silva, Certified Land Banking Consultant, Velur Enterprises, Inc.

Marcella Silva was born and raised in the rural mountains of Northern New Mexico. Her parents were both hard-working business people and savvy investors. Throughout Marcella’s life her parents would become a great influence by investing their earnings in land and selling it for profit.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of New Mexico, and because of her collegiate achievements, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) invited Marcella to take a full-time position as a Software Engineer in Livermore, California.

In 2007, after reviewing her 401(k) statement, she began a quest for a real estate investment that would provide the returns she desired for a secure retirement. Marcella eventually crossed paths with Velur Enterprises, Inc. and their exclusive land banking opportunity.

In March 2008, Marcella purchased her first land investment using the funds from her 401(k) via a self-directed IRA. Marcella has had tremendous success with her investment and found a passion in land banking. Marcella joined Velur Enterprises, Inc. in 2008, following her desire to share this opportunity and help others realize the gains that have been experienced by many throughout history, including her own.

In December 2010, after a successful eight-year career at Lawrence Livermore National Lab Marcella decided to follow her passion and become a full-time land banker. This came during the worst financial meltdown our country has seen in decades. Since then, Marcella has created a successful career helping others build wealth through land banking.

Today Marcella is an experienced and sought after public speaker and certified land banking consultant. Marcella is passionate about giving her listeners the chance to achieve financial independence by using Velur’s proven, land selection process. Through her accumulated land banking knowledge and success, Marcella now manages and mentors a team of land banking consultants here in the Bay Area. Marcella works closely with her mentor, the COO and co-owner of Velur Real Estate Services, Inc., who is a great influence and extremely successful expert in the field of land banking.

Rick Silva, Entrepreneur, and Landbanking Expert Investor

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rick Silva is no stranger to perfect weather, a good education, and hard work. As an entrepreneur and investor, Rick brings it 150% as he wows his clients and those he engages with tenacity and the knowledge of what has been self-taught.

In 1998, Rick Silva was a recruiter in the high-tech industry. Riding a wave of fame and fortune in the .com world, Rick became a millionaire (on paper), at age 29. By age 31, he lost his fortune due to the market crash. Less than 10 years later, Rick went through a divorce, and suffered financial difficulties.

During the last 14 years, Rick has been successful at earning his way; although, not attaining the wealth that he desired. Unbeknownst to him, his economic outlook would transform into a lucrative lifetime investment.

Nearly 5 years ago, Rick met Marcella Trujillo, Land Banking Specialist, in one of his networking groups. Falling in love, Marcella said, “Yes!” to Rick’s proposal in the presence of friends. Marcella’s career in land investing caused cynicism for Rick who thought that type of strategy worked only for the affluent. By seeing for himself how dirt can bring wealth to a Regular Joe, Rick knew that this was the right investment stream for him.

Rick Silva, Entrepreneur, and a Landbanking expert investor shares his personal growth and experiences, while Marcella specializes in land banking, the nuances of land investing, the advantages of diversifying old money into land investments, and how wisely they both invest in land. Rick feels that by speaking to and encouraging others to invest, he might be helping others to find the wealth that, perhaps, they were destined for.

Would You Like to Discuss Your Future Investing Opportunities?

We would love to speak with you! We absolutely believe that anyone can achieve their ultimate dream lifestyle if you learn how and what to do. 

We are so passionate about helping you create more sustainable wealth for your family, lifestyle, retirement and future. Wealth that exponentially increases rather than just by small increments that the stock market, 401ks and IRAs produce.

We show you how to do this through land banking and we are here to educate you all about it and see if it could be a great option for you too!

What we request that you DO FIRST is to watch fully through our webinar we created that we think will share EVERYTHING you need to know to be able to DECIDE IF this is a good option for you and your family.

THEN… after you watch the webinar, and if you are interested, you will be able to book a call with Marcella for land banking options, and/or Rick for becoming a referral partner. Please click here now to go watch the webinar and we’ll talk to you soon!