How Can I Invest?


The questions and answers below are designed to educate you about land banking and how it could be a smart investment option:

May I use cash-on-hand to invest in land? What are other ways to make a land purchase?

You may purchase with cash, an old 401K, IRA, or 1031 exchange.

May I buy land using funds from my IRA?

Yes, you’ll just need to roll your money over into a self-directed IRA.

Do I need to be an actualized citizen to buy land?

No, this is a global opportunity. You can invest from anywhere in the world.

Is there a minimum investment?

For the average American, this type of investment is quite affordable. Your investment depends on the land, the location, etc. Please contact us directly to discuss minimum investment amounts as they may change.

I need an investment that is virtually maintenance-free. Does investing in land provide a worry and stress-free lifestyle?

Yes. Investing in land is safe, secure and is low maintenance. It never calls you on the phone with complaints, and does not fall prey to tenants, toilets, termites and other trouble. It is one of the easiest and most stress-free investments out there.

Is this a good way to pay for my child’s college tuition?

This is a great way to save for college. With the soaring rates for student loans, investing in land will help hedge these costs.

How do I know if this is the right investment for me?

If you are seeking to diversify your portfolio, are looking to retire, leave a legacy, are concerned about not having enough money to live on in retirement, or just want to be an investor, this specific approach in building wealth is worth checking out.

How do I learn more?

Marcella conducts speaking engagements, hosts regular webinars – which can be viewed globally, and meets one-on-one with potential investors who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. These presentations, which are very educational, give potential investors the necessary information that they need to determine if this is the right investment vehicle for them. We encourage you to register for a webinar or contact Marcella directly to get started!

I own land and want to sell it. Can you help me with my transaction?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot help. We specialize in extremely specific areas and all land that we are involved with goes through a strict due diligence. Our expertise does not include land brokering.

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